The Benefits of The Mesir Paste

Date: 23.10.2022 21:14
The Benefits of The Mesir Paste
Mesir Paste History and Benefits
The History of Mesir Paste
Let me first mention what "mesir" means: it was used in the Ottoman sources in the sense of "the place" / "the place to visit". Sumerologists have come to the formulation of a mixture similar to a clay paste in some written sources from the Sumerian culture. In fact, Sumerian mixture has attracted much attention in terms of usage purpose. Because, just like a paste, it is produced more for the purpose of increasing sexual power and multiplying. This mixture used by Sumerian people, developed in Anatolia and slightly changed. In the medical books of the Seljuks and Beyliks, even the famous doctor of Amasya, Şerefettin Sabuncuoğlun writes about the healing of such a mixture.
This mixture of spices used in the region of Mesopotamia and in Anatolia for thousands of years, has gained its fame in the Ottoman period. Occupation festivals, which are known today, originated in the period of 1400-1600 years when the tradition of the Ottomans was strongest.
According to historical sources, Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Süleyman the Magnificient, got sick in the period that she was in Manisa. Here, the menager of the hospital, doctor Merkezefendi was called. The mixture that Merkezefendi prepared, was used regularly and was good for Hafsa Sultan’s health. Afterwards, Hafsa Sultan wanted her people to use this healing paste and gave an order that every year on Nawruz day, the first day of the spring, was distributed to the folk. Hereafter, every year with coming of the spring, mesir paste were given to the people in little packs in Manisa.
Mesir Paste at the Present Time
Currently,  many different maker produce mesir paste. Because mesir is not seen only as a sweet or dessert being distributed at Manisa Mesir Festival. This mixture is known to give energy, to strengthen, to enhance sexual power, to boost one’s concentration and to give patients the power of fight with diseases.
Mesir paste is a herbal mixture with the power of its herbal content that is really beneficial for human body. The main differenceof Merkezefendi in making of the paste is to sweeten without using glucose syrup.
On the other hand, in the format of preperation of the paste, praying is very important. The mixture gets prepared with 41 different spices. During the process,  praying for it to be remedy is considered important. So, in traditional preperation of the mesir paste, praying takes a very important place. For this perspective, process of production is very attention grabbing.
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