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SNM MERKEZ EFENDİ Welcome to the online sales platform of www.merkezefendi.com.tr. SNM MERKEZ EFENDİ started to serve as a small retailer on January 23, 2003 under the name Mehmet Kemal Çolak. With the aim of developing our business and taking it one step further by selling Herbal Products, Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Herbs, we continued our work with the principle of being accurate and reliable. In a short time, we continued our activities in various commercial sectors. Our works and dealerships continue to do our job in the best way without leaving the job we started with many different companies. We serve our customers with our 2 outlets consisting of wholesale and retail, where we continue the sale and display of our commercial products, a closed storage area of ​​2250 km in 3 provinces and logistics. In March 2010, as a company, we decided to move our herbal products, spices and especially food products from the field of activity to the online virtual platform, and then to cover other sectors. In order to provide the best, quality, honest and sincere service to our customers, our 'SNM SNM MERKEZ EFENDİ SHOPPING MARKET' is put into service after three years of R&D studies. At the beginning of nearly 3000 categories and with our target of reaching one hundred thousand products; With its 15 years of commercial experience and sales knowledge in herbal products, our online sales site SNM MERKEZ EFENDİ serves as a whole in our store as "Retail" and "Wholesale" online sales. Our principles; Stability in the preferred product, stability in the preferred cost and stability in the preferred quality are our basic principles. We are indispensable for Quality Service Stability, which we primarily pay attention to our valued customers in the understanding of service quality. Our vision; With our innovative, competitive, honest and quality service approach, we are able to offer the highest quality products to our valued customers, proving that this is a career, success and infrastructure based on R&D. Our mission; Our first goal is to bring SNM MERKEZ EFENDİ to the highest level in the world as a Turkish marketing brand by bringing together natural and quality products that can be used by everyone, with the slogan "Health First". With its corporate culture that always seeks the best and the newest, MERKEZEFENDI adopts the principle of fully fulfilling its promise of quality production for consumers, and stands out not only with its promises, but also with what it does. With the importance it attaches to being innovative, it continues to set an example for the sector in every aspect of its work, from production to technology, from R&D to innovation.
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