Ginseng Uses

Date: 23.10.2022 21:14
Ginseng Uses
What is Ginseng, What are its Benefits, How to Use
What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a herbaceous perennial root of plants in the Panax family, which is part of the ivy family. Ginseng is widely used in traditional medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine and Native American traditional medicine. Ginseng plants produce red fruits when ripe, but the plant is grown for its roots. It is grown either as wild ginseng, where it occurs organically in its natural environment, or as cultivated ginseng. In the wild, ginseng is endangered because the method of harvesting involves digging its roots, so harvesting wild ginseng is highly regulated in the US and illegal in some states. However, you can grow and harvest your own ginseng at home.
What are the Benefits of Ginseng for the Body?
Ginseng has various effects on body tissues depending on the amount of distribution of the chemicals it contains. It has been proven by research that the use of ginseng has some beneficial effects on health. Some of these beneficial effects can be summarized as follows:

Antioxidant Effect
One of the most important benefits of the ginseng plant is related to its antioxidant-rich content. The cells in our body metabolize the foodstuffs obtained with food using oxygen in order to survive. Vital physiological events are carried out with the energy obtained by this process, but as a side effect of the process, harmful products called reactive oxygen radicals or oxidants also occur.

By causing damage to tissues, reactive oxygen radicals are recognized as a critical factor in the development of many diseases, especially health problems such as cancer, atherosclerosis, infectious diseases, aging and inflammation. In this sense, taking products with antioxidant properties into the body contributes to the protection of the body against various health problems by providing control of oxidants. Ginseng also contains a significant amount of antioxidants.

Wellness and Energy
It has been observed that Asian ginseng, in particular, provides a feeling of vitality and energy by accelerating the metabolism of cells in the body, thanks to the ingredients in its content. In this respect, ginseng helps in relieving symptoms such as weakness and exhaustion, which are observed in the course of most health problems.

Increase in Brain Functions
Ginseng has a positive effect on memory and cognitive abilities, especially in healthy and middle-aged individuals. However, ginseng has also been found to be beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress in Alzheimer's patients.

Relief of Erectile Dysfunction
Another effect of ginseng that has been the subject of research is that it helps to relieve erectile dysfunction in men. There are studies showing that ginseng facilitates erection by decreasing the oxidant ratio in the tissue and vessel walls in the penis and increasing the amount of nitric oxide molecule that allows the vessels to expand.

Support for the Immune System
Studies have shown that cells of the immune system fight infections and cancer cells more effectively after the use of ginseng.

Regulation of Blood Sugar
Especially with the use of fermented red ginseng, the effect of insulin hormone on lowering blood sugar is strengthened; Studies have shown that ginseng supplementation has a positive effect on blood sugar control in patients with insulin resistance.

How to Use Ginseng
Ginseng can be used by adding it to the daily diet in different ways. Ginseng, which can be consumed raw in its simplest form, can also be consumed in soft form by steaming. One of the common uses is ginseng tea, which is made by soaking fresh ginseng slices in hot water. Apart from this, it can also be added to soups or juicy dishes.

Extract from the ginseng plant; It can also be found as a supplement in powder, oil, tablet or capsule form. In this way, ginseng can be added to foods; It can also be consumed directly. It is recommended to use 1-2 grams of ginseng raw daily or 200-400 mg as an extract.

Is There Any Harm To Use Ginseng?
In the light of the studies, ginseng does not have a general harmful effect on the body and its use is considered safe. However, in certain groups, ginseng consumption may cause side effects or interact with certain medications. Consumption of ginseng, especially with the use of anti-diabetic drugs, can lead to a decrease in blood sugar. However, ginseng can also reduce the effectiveness of blood thinners.

There is no clear information on the side effects caused by the use of ginseng during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals avoid ginseng consumption during these periods. For the safest consumption, it is recommended that people consult a healthcare professional before using ginseng and similar supplements.
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