'Mesir Paste' Increases Sexual Power!!!

Date: 01.12.2022 17:20
Mesir Paste Increases Sexual Power!!!
What is Mesir Paste, What Spices Does It Contain? Benefits that you might be surprised to hear, maybe you didn't know...

It is stated that mesir paste, which is recommended to be eaten especially with the arrival of spring, activates hormones and increases prostate and sexual power.

It is emphasized that due to the appetizing, stimulating, gas and diuretic properties of the spices in the mesir paste, it positively affects the intestinal flora and reduces the possibility of colon cancer. Due to the antimicrobial properties of tannins and resins in its content, it has healing properties against inflammatory diseases and skin disorders.

Mesir paste consists of 41 different spices. Examples of some of these spices are;

Aniseed: It is used as an appetizer and carminative. The carminative effect is due to the inhibition of fermentation in the intestines.

COCONUT and FIVEBASE: Boiled water is good for stomach aches. Its effect is due to the essential oils in the composition.

CIVIT: It is good for mumps and pneumonia among the people. It is used in the treatment of painful wounds on the oral mucosa of babies.

ÇOPÇINI: The boiled water of its root is used in eczema. It has an astringent effect due to the tannin in its composition.

Nigella sativa: It is used as a gas remover.

DARFÜLFÜL: It is used as a body warmer and cough suppressant.

MUSTARD SEED: It is used in powder form as an appetizer and soothing to the stomach. It has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect in skin diseases.

HAVLICAN: It is used as cough suppressant and mouth odor remover. It facilitates digestion, distributes gas, removes phlegm.

HİYARŞENBE: It is used as a laxative. It has antrexione derivative in its composition.

Cardamom: It is used as flavoring, gas remover, appetizer.

BLACK PEPPER: It is used as cough suppressant, stimulant and spice.

Clove: It is used to remove bad breath, tooth decay and pain.

The clove essence in its composition is antiseptic and pain reliever.

KEBABE: It is used as a urinary and respiratory tract antiseptic.

CUMIN: It is used as a spice, gas remover, appetizer and diaphoretic.
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